Lebanese American University

Keep a souvenir from your alma mater.

Note Book A6

  • Quirky A6 notebooks come thread swen with foil blocked cover and expandable inner pocket.
  • Available in packs of two, each has 64 half-perforated pages
  • Embossed LAU logo
  • L.L. 6,000 LL
  • Item: 90DG1A6

LAU School Sticker

  •  7 different LAU logo self-adhesive stickers 
  • Personalised for the schools available in the university
  • Adhesive on front, transparent

size: 12cm x 6cm

  • L.L. 3,000 LL
  • Item: 91DO2SS

Sticker - LAU Logo

  •  LAU logo on a self-adhesive transparent sticker for glass door and car window
  • Adhesive on front

size: 9cm

  • L.L. 2,000 LL
  • Item: 91DO1GS

Recycled Notebook with pen

  • Small notebook with elastic pen loop
  • Lined recycled paper

Size: 13.5 cm x 9.5 cm 

  • L.L. 5,000 LL
  • Item: 90GA1RN

Notebook with Pen

  •  Small spiral notebook with plastic cover and pen
  • Available in red and blue 


  • L.L. 7,000 LL
  • Item: 90IDNPP

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